Thursday, 5 April 2012

Becca and Ant - a pre wedding shoot with Gunnersaurus!

Here are a few shots from last weekends pre-wedding shoot that took place at Arsenals Emirates Stadium.  With Ant a fervent Gooner, it seemed the perfect place, and we managed to explore the environs a little as well, even taking pictures in Highbury Square, where the old ground had been.   I insist on these shoots for every wedding couple as I truly believe that they really build our relationship and make me far less of a stranger when it comes to the wedding day.   This leads to fewer nerves & therefore better photographs!

Many wedding photographers will offer a pre-wedding shoot, but for most it's simply a chance for them to sell their clients more pictures.  I really don't want my clients treated like cash cows, so I also give my couples a complimentary 16x16" canvas montage, based around one of three exclusive and unique designs.    Having a montage like this means that there's no pressure sales and everyone knows that the sessions are all about making sure we get better photographs on the big day.

Here's a few highlights:

I hope you enjoyed these, and I hope that Ant has got over the need to shoehorn Arsenal into his wedding well ahead of his wedding day!

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