Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exploring Colchester with Julie and Niall

Julie and Niall are, I think, one of life's lucky couples.   As well as being lucky enough to find each other and develop a special kind of love, they also seem lucky in that they picked one of this springs few fine days for their pre-wedding shoot in Colchester.

Many wedding photographers will offer a pre-wedding shoot, but for most it's simply a chance for them to sell their clients more pictures.  I really don't want my clients treated like cash cows, so I also give my couples a complimentary 16x16" canvas montage, based around one of three exclusive and unique designs.    Having a montage like this means that there's no pressure sales and everyone knows that the sessions are all about making sure we get better photographs on the big day.

Here's a few highlights:
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I can't wait to photograph them on their big day & I hope we have just as much fun and just as much luck with the weather when we meet again!

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